Where’s My Spaceship is an experimental multi-screen, social, publicly played multiplayer game.  Grapple onto asteroids with your spaceship as you find your way back to collection point through the wormholes—though you’ll have to run around to find the monitor your arrived at. Fight pirates and deny points as you compete for the highest asteroid collection. Garner support from the spectators who can help identify where you’ve teleported, but beware, they may be trying to sabotage you!

Where’s My Spaceship is a game jam game made at Brisbane Australia’s 48hr Challenge. The game was inspired by a motivation to create something innovative that took advantage of the social setting the game was made. When you have hundreds of game makers and players around, why not try to get them all involved? Like any good party game, players can drop in and drop out, create a lot of noise, and brew up something for the spectators.


Game by Jed Dawson, William Goddard, Layton Hawkes, Ben MarrinanMichael Szewczyk.

Music by Dan Sugars.


Pro Team Winner – IGDA Brisbane 48hr Challenge


Goddard, W. Muscat, A. (2016) Designing Unconventional Use of Conventional Displays in Games: Some Assembly Required. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. Dundee, Scotland. DiGRA Digital Library. (Local CopyDiGRA Link)