What if the world we could see, wasn’t quite what it seemed? World⁴ is a first-person exploration game that draws inspiration from ‘Walker’ games such as Proteus and Gone Home. World⁴ explores how moments of curiosity, intrigue, and discovery may be experienced through limited perception and spatial navigation.

In World⁴, players explore a chameleonic, abstract world and uncover its hidden secrets through four pairs of eyes. Using a wireless controller players navigate a 3D world divided across four displays, arranged so that only two may be seen at any one time. Each display shows a similar in-game first-person perspective, however each perspective captures both similar and different elements of the world; What can be seen in-game on one display may be hidden, or appear different on the next.

With their perception of the virtual world separated across the multiple-display interface, players must physically negotiate the game interface, in tandem with their navigation within the virtual world. As they explore the world between displays, players uncover hidden environmental secrets, locations, and curiosities.

Onlookers and spectators may become players, using the multiple displays to help guide the controlling players’ exploration, and alert them – or other spectators, to sights, events, and curiosities they may not otherwise noticed see.

World⁴ suggests how alternative interfaces may present new dimensions towards building more intriguing and curious virtual exploration experiences, and a richer sense of discovery.